It's O Wrap!

Tune in next Tuesday, February 20th. After a 28 hour train ride, a delicious and romantic Valentine's supper in the hotel (Ursula slept) and a great morning at Oprah's Studios, we're done! What an experience. We - along with Jane from last year's Small Cool Contest and Jay Schafer from the Tumbleweed Tiny Home company - were among the guests of honor in the front row surrounded by a screaming room of women who ADORE Oprah (and Nate, too ;-)).

Being on TV was all a bit weird, but we have to admit that Oprah's whole crew and vibe were incredibly heartwarming, and we found ourselves fascinated by our fellow guests and liking Nate very much. More than that about the show we cannot say, but it will all be up on the telly next Tuesday, February 20th.