It's All Good in the Hood

It's All Good in the Hood

Gregory Han
Mar 21, 2008

Ahhh, there's nothing like looking outside your own window to find a whole squadron of police vehicles cordoning off your city block while an armed suspect holes up somewhere right across the street. Last night turned into a real world episode of Cops right outside our apartment, and our neighbors all came out to watch a fully armed standoff...

We all watched in curious excitement as armoured and armed police officers scoured house to house across the street with their canine officers. And at one point we overheard the overhead ghetto bird warn the hiding suspect that he had just "one minute to give himself up", which we thought only happened in movies.

Unfortunately, we didn't find out what happened in the end, as the search drifted over another block westward. We think we overheard one of the officers mention collecting evidence soon after the departure of the helicopter, and right after more than 80 police officers who had the block surrounded left in haste. Nothing yet reported online, but we'll be scouring the news today to learn what came of the our lone gunman.

The incident has us looking at our home security an lighting a little more carefully. Maybe it's time to invest in a new deadbolt.

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