I've Got Color! Contest: Baby Milo's Tranquil Nursery by Alison

I've Got Color! Contest: Baby Milo's Tranquil Nursery by Alison

Maxwell Ryan
Oct 19, 2005

Name: Alison S.
Location: Boston, MA

Why I use color:

"Color is the easiest way to change a space and make it your own. It is a great tool to enhance the experience of a room and create a mood.

For my new baby Milo's room, I wanted to create a soothing environment that was still stimulating and playful. I selected natural colors (blues and browns) to create a tranquil tone and used white accents -- for the trim and furniture -- to keep it simple and graphic. While keeping the color palette simple, I added patterns and textures in neutral browns for visual and tactile interest. Vivid and bright colors were added with toys and accessories."

Color Tips:

"* Use a good color wheel to pick your palette.

* Experiment with mixing pigments to get a better understanding of how colors interact and influence one another.

* Use harmonious color palettes for the most soothing environments."

Color Resources:

"* 2 oz. sample paint jars - they allow you to get an actual sense of how a color will appear in your space -- so important!
* Color in Three-Dimensional Design, Jeanne Kopacz, McGraw Hill"

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