I've Got Color! Contest: Ky's Vibrant Panels of Color

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Name: Ky T.
Location: Washington, DC

Why I use color:

"I use different colors for different spaces and for different reasons. Color evokes a feeling in all of us. Small urban spaces in old buildings have great charm but can often look and feel a little “depressing”. Strong bold vibrant color is a good way to brings things to life. I wanted something fun but with an urban edge. I’ve always loved the color orange but I didn’t necessarily want an “orange” room."

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"By using a strong vibrant color (Ben Moore Electric Orange in high gloss) in panels instead of painting entire walls, I was able to introduce a bold color into a small space without feeling cramped or like I was sitting in an orange box. The gloss paint reflects light differently and creates a nice contrast to the white wall space. Ironically, I’m often more an organic zen kind of guy but I think the color texture combo works in this space."

Color Tips:

"1] Choose color that reflects the personality you want a space to have. Use bold fresh color for energy and a bit more playful feel, muted color for a more organic and often calming feel.

2] In a single small space limit color palettes to about 2 plus a neutral. Too many primary colors together (unless very carefully chosen) can create a “coloring book” effect.

3] Use color with a purpose as it can accentuate or decentuate (not sure if that’s a word) certain architectural qualities of a space."

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Color Resources:

"1] A color wheel or paint manufacturer’s fan deck

2] Look around, the room, the home, the world. For me it’s all out there."

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