I've Got Color! Final Smackdown Contestant #3:
Kate's Oasis of Color and Light

Name: Kate
Location: San Francisco, CA

Bonus: Kate's original submission

Why I Should Be the Champ:

"Color is an integral part of my life. I rely on it to tell a story about the spaces I design. Color is expression. It provides meaning without words. This project embodies my philosophy. My space is very unique."

"It is the only bathroom, and it is the smallest space of the finalists. The lack of space, budget and light posed many challenges. I used color to open up the room. Beyond just paint, I layered color in the form of tile, glass, wood, and artwork. Without color this is a simple bathroom, with color it is a statement."

Whose Room I liked Besides My Own:

"The entry I liked the most was Gari’s Sexy Brown Bedroom. It speaks of sophistication. Gari’s choice of furniture and objects harmonize well with each other."