I've Got Color! Final Smackdown Contestant #2:
T & CM's "Mod About Blue" Living Room

Name: Tod & Corey Marie
Location: Lansing, MI

Bonus: T & CM's original submission

Why We Should Be the Champs:

"We would love to win, because we'd love some new furniture. When we moved into our apartment after our September wedding, we bought used furniture, making our room for under $500. We've included before and after photos, so you can see how we transformed a tiny run-down apartment into a stylish haven for work and play."

"We can only imagine what we could do if we weren't just settling for what we could find at a thrift store. We love the stuff at CB2 and think it'd look awesome in our room. (And it'd make an amazing wedding present!)"

Whose Room I liked Besides My Own:

"DM's Dining Room – The curtains, the lighting, that gorgeous shade of red! What a warm, relaxing room to sit down to a meal in!"