I've Got Color: Winners to be announced today!

I've Got Color: Winners to be announced today!

Nov 16, 2006

The judges are in their chambers right now and will emerge soon with some winners! We'll be revealing them this evening in all the cities at (roughly) the same time: 7pm PST.

We're really pleased with all the finalists, though a little disappointed that there weren't more from our region. A word on that after the jump.

Before this contest ends for 2006, we also want to let you know that we're truly amazed and gratified by all the entries we got for I've Got Color here in the Northwest. We thank all of you for putting yourselves and your color out there, and for all the constructive commentary that makes these contests so interesting to follow. To those of you who entered, especially: we applaud your generosity and your courage. We hope they're contagious!

As AT grows we're constantly learning how to do things better. Our contests are never perfect, but from our point of view they are always successful because they infuse our community with big bursts of creative energy. That said, we do always strive to improve them, and in that spirit our next contest will work slightly differently, to address some of the problem we had this year.

We'll see an equal number of entries from each region in the finals. And we'll also be using a registration system to help thwart voting fraud. (Yes, some folks out there insist on trying to beat the system, which is a really a shame).

We look forward to seeing more fab homes for Smallest, Coolest in the spring!

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