IXXI Big Statement Art DIY

Maxwell’s Daily Find 01.09.14

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IXXI Big Statement Art DIY

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I was reminded yesterday of how cool IXXI wall graphics are when I walked into a friend's home and saw them covering the walls in a number of rooms. I blogged about their stock collection back in 2011, but they now make it easy to upload your own hi-res images and create big wall art out of them.

The cost is not great and the impact is huge. I took the image at top. It could be 5' x 5' when printed, made up of 64 squares that are easily pinned together and hung from your wall (cost: $151). The second image below shows the scale on a wall in your living room.

This 55.1" x 86.6" piece is a lovely and huge version of a classic painting, "Flowers in a Glass Vase" by J.Dsz. de Heem from the RijksMuseum.

Check out the other I uploaded below as well. This will be 5' x 5', which is huge. It is much better to use a high res file at these big sizes, but you don't have to if you want it to be a impressionistic. The uploader will also warn you if your image is low resolution.

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