Jackson Entertainment Center

Jackson Entertainment Center

May 17, 2006

Generally not big fans of entertainment centers, when we saw the Jackson Entertainment Center, we were reminded of a finalist in last year's Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest.

At the time, Apartment #28: Robert's Golden Handcuffs struck us as very cool. We coveted that simple, modern, tasteful apartment. It's nice that even when we went back and looked at the slideshow now, we still felt the same way about his apartment. The man is an artisan. But we have no Robert. So we'd have to make do with the Jackson Entertainment Center.

Check out the plywood wall unit (see Slides 2-4 in the slideshow) that Robert made. Note how the Jackson Entertainment Center bears a vague resemblance.

We'd change out the feet and remove the shelf above the TV.

$1,499 at SCHD.

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