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Los Angeles, CA
Inspiration for my palette:
My husband and I found this "kid-friendly" world map at a local shop and I couldn't take my eyes off it. The colors were so vibrant and fun. I work in the travel industry and loved this unique take on a traditional map to showcase in my home. The map brings in so many different colors that I can easily change out other accessories as I want or get tired of things.
Colors used in my room:
Teal, blue, turquoise, pink, mint, white and peach.
Tips for using color successfully:
Figure out the colors you are most drawn to, and continually love over a long period of time, and start decorating around those colors. You are bound to like them each time you enter the room. White helps ground everything- but if you love a lot of color, just go for it and make each decorating decision based on those colors.
Bright and Fun
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