Jamie's Guide to Waldo/Brookside

Jamie's Guide to Waldo/Brookside

Sarah Coffey
Sep 13, 2010
Name: Jamie Neighborhood: Waldo/Brookside City: Kansas City, Missouri My Home: Two bedroom, single-family house I've lived in KC almost all my life, but moved to this neighborhood two years ago. I love it for its cultural diversity, quiet neighborhoods and quickly growing arts community. We are known for our jazz music history, BBQ, and love for a football team that never wins...and you'll hear lots of opinions on those subjects. We are major bargain hunters and almost every neighborhood hosts community garage sales of some sort beginning in March and running through October. Jamie's Guide to Waldo/Brookside 1. Favorite Neighborhood Home Store
    CURIOUS SOFA: 3925 W. 69th Ter. Sometimes burlesque vintage, sometimes casual comfort home decor.

2. Go-to Shop for Gifts
    STUFF: 316 W. 63rd St. Packed full of quirky handmade goodness.

3. Best Vintage Shop, Thrift Store, or Flea Market
    URBAN MINING: 3924 Walnut Retro/urban, mod/vintage flea market open the first Friday weekend of each month.

4. Favorite Bookstore
    READING REPTILE: 328 W. 63rd St. Everything you could ever wish for in a children's bookstore.

5. Favorite Coffee Shop, Café, or Restaurant
    THE ROASTERIE: 6223 Brookside Blvd. KC-native coffee roaster's neighborhood cafe. Hotspot for people with MacBooks, iPhones and who enjoy philosophical conversations.

6. Best Hardware/Paint Store
    STRASSER: 910 Southwest Blvd. The place that has a solution for everything.

7. Best Place to Pick Up Groceries
    McGONIGLE'S: 1307 W. 79th St. Known for the best meat cuts in town, but also has wine, cheese, fresh produce and over 100 BBQ sauces.

8. Best Place to Buy Flowers
    TRAPP & CO.: 4110 Main St. Flowers, gifts and home decor. Their candles are sold nationwide.

9. Best Neighborhood Park
    LOOSE PARK: 5200 Wornall Rd. Popular for weddings, photo shoots, dog walking, and romantic picnics.

10. Best Spot to Take Visitors
    GATE'S BBQ: 4621 Paseo Blvd. Word of advice: Know what you want before you go and be sure to grab a tray at the door, because shouting at the customers as they walk in is one of their trademarks. They're not being rude, it's part of the fun atmosphere. I recommend the Mixed Plate with a frosty beer.

Thanks, Jamie! Photos: Jamie Moore
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