Janel's January Jumpstart Project: Desk Redo #4 - Finished!

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Finished! I'm very happy with my "new" white desk. It's super glossy and has the feel of a lacquered piece, which was what I was hoping for. You can see the reflection of the black box in the surface even in this photo - I love that! Getting here was not easy...

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The One Shot paint was a bit of a bear to deal with and I ended up doing three coats total, with sanding in between. Drying time in my unheated apartment building basement (in January!) took a while, too.

The biggest improvement to my DIY process came after my last post - instead of applying the second and third coats with a brush (like the disastrous first coat) I switched to a small, ultra fine roller. A HUGE improvement and one worth noting for next time.

For the photos, I paired it with a small stool from Crate and Barrel that I've had for ages, my prized black lacquer box (one of my favorite things - it has a lime green silk lining!) and a bulb that very cooperatively bloomed just in time for the photo. For now, it is in my bedroom, but actually might end up in my son's room - he's in need of a permanent Lego building station!

All in all, I'm pleased to have had the January Jumpstart "excuse" to get this project done - I really like the new look and LOVE that I did it myself!

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