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Low Bentham United Kingdom
Inspiration for my palette:
A comic-strip styled portrait which a very talented artist friend of mine painted of me. He used all of the bright colours above and it struck me how warm and rich they were and now it hangs proudly on the wall of this room. I even had an original Louis 16th sofa recovered in a lime green velvet and Tomato red geometric patterned heavy cotton material. I just LOVE this room. It works so well.
Colors used in my room:
I used mainly tomato red, lime green and turquoise with a bit of gold and yellow thrown in..oh and black...always black.
Tips for using color successfully:
If you're using lots of colour for an eclectic look then stick with either bold primary colours or pastels but never combine the two. I anchor all of my coloured rooms with black and or white. I always have a black and white rug or black cushions, lampshade, picture frames etc which seem to punctuate the design.
Comic Strip