Jane's Pink & Black Room

Jane's Pink & Black Room

Marcia Prentice
Jan 31, 2012

Name: Jane
Age: 8 (she's Charlie's twin)
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Room Size: 15' x 15'

When Jane moved into her brother's room (her brothers now share a room), she wanted to have a say about decorating her new bedroom. Interior designer, Kristin Panitch, helped her realize her dream space. The chalkboard wall was left over from when it was her brother's room. Like many girls, she wanted light pink walls and all the artwork in her room is her own.

I love how you combined a very feminine pink bedroom with a chalkboard wall and classic sconces. What was the inspiration for Jane's bedroom?
The chalkboard was in the room when it was her brother Henry's. When Henry and Charlie moved into the same room we kept the chalkboard wall as it was. It is a great accent to any room and still a big hit with all of the kids.

Judging from the framed artwork in Jane's room, I can tell that she is very creative. Did Jane have an input or any requests when it came to the design of her bedroom?
Jane picked the pink color of the walls and helped select the artwork (all hers) that is hung in her room.

What does Jane love most about her room?
She loves the chalkboard (she often writes notes on the wall to remind her of something she needs to do or bring to school the next day) and loves to sit at her desk and do her art work. Her desk was once a changing table when the room was her brother's nursery, an example of how our rooms have evolved with the children's ages.