CHI January Jumpstart Judge: Heather Blaha

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Name/Title: Heather Blaha, Apartment Therapy Chicago Co-Editor
Location: Rogers Park, Chicago

Introducing our first January Jumpstart Judge, Heather. She'll be helping to award our six Ebay prizes to the deserving DIY-ers who braved the possible perils of home projects with us this month on AT. Click below for her DIY secret resource and biggest inspiration...

My Secret Resource: My husband Josh, who seems to be able to make almost anything and is an expert thrifter (and has helped make me an expert, too). Unique thrift store chain, like all thrift stores, is hit or miss, but you've got to go regularly and scour! I usually don't have a ton of patience for it, but Josh walks away with some amazing stuff.

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Biggest DIY Inspiration: Friends Jim & Kami, who bought a two-flat and have spent tons of time, sweat, and energy, and not tons of money, rehabbing it. Complete with fence building and yard work. No experience required...that's inspiring.

More January Jumpstart info:

Thanks Heather!

Top Photo: M. Bianco

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