Danielle's Project: Tub Room Makeover #1

Danielle's Project: Tub Room Makeover #1

In January, the readers and editors of Apartment Therapy and Blueprint/ Bluelines are teaming up to start the year off right -- with a home project.

So here's ours: we have a tub room. Our little apartment has no shower, only a full-size, luxurious claw-foot tub, and we love it -- we love the time it makes us take in the morning to sit and relax. But being so utilitarian, we've completely overlooked the potential for this space to be beautiful.

If the before picture doesn't say it all, here are the issues we're addressing with our makeover (after the jump)...

The main challenge is that what should be a sanctuary for the bathing ritual is completely open on all four sides.

  • The tub room opens out to the bedroom (opens metaphorically; there's no door), with a clear glass door to the bathroom beyond.
  • Yes, the door to the bathroom is clear.
  • To the sides of the tub, one window faces the public pathway to our house. Another generous opening looks out to the kitchen.
  • Also, the tension pole for bathing supplies is ugly.

Here's our plan:
  • Cover the glass bathroom door and window to the outside with window film.
  • Create an adjustable privacy solution for the window to the kitchen (we'd like to be able to keep it open when we don't have company).
  • Remove all the weird hooks and hardware leftover from previous tenants' shower contraptions, and cover the holes.
  • Install a real shelf to replace the shower shelf pole.
  • Hang artwork.
Suggestions and tips welcome on all of the above!

If you'd like to join us and complete a project around the house in early 2008 (and possibly win a prize in the process) you simply need to:
  • read all the details here
  • pick your project
  • take a before photo or two
  • get your supplies together...and we'll all be ready to go in January.

Next up for our tub room: we go shopping. More to follow on this and projects from other AT editors and readers in the New Year...

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