January Jumpstart: The Finals!

January Jumpstart: The Finals!

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 7, 2008

This has been the most amazing contest. We've been so moved by all the great ideas and HUMANITY that's been posted during the past two weeks, that it feels like our best contest ever. Seriously. The sheer amount of useful information you've all shared has really got us thinking. Thank you to everyone who submitted and look out tomorrow for the final reveal. Meanwhile, let us tell you about the finalists....

We've evaluated all the entries and sent the top ones (as per your votes) to our judges after dividing them up into four categories. Yesterday and today our judges made their decisions, and tonight we're tallying it all up so that we can unveil the winners tomorrow. All of our top finalists fit neatly into one of our four main categories and we told the judges to choose a winner in each.

• Best Creative Hack (ie, furniture transformation)
• Best Decorative Painting (ie. on a wall or other flat surface)
• Best Use of Fabric (ie. upholstery)
• Best Use of Paint or Finish

We also told them to award the two following categories as well, so that we will have six different winners

• Biggest Wow Factor
• Most Likely to Be Widely Copied

And here are our finalists!

Best Creative Hack

Tobias and Christina's Kitchen Shuffle (Munich)
Kate3's Shoe Cabinet Landing Strip (San Diego)
Saraleegriff's Dreary, Cramped Bathroom (San Francisco)
Shauna's DIY Mirrored Dresser (New York City)

Best Decorative Painting

The Upholstered Nightstand Project (Chicago)
The "Wretched to Retro" Project (Chicago)
Jennifer's "Prime" Time Kitchen (Los Angeles)
Sagesse's Black Chair Reno (Upstate, NY)

Best Use of Fabric

Algy's Big Money Inspirations… (San Francisco)
The NOT Kid Friendly Coffee Table Project (Chicago)
NicoleMari's Slipcover for Reading Chair (Brooklyn, NY)
The "In Good Form" Project (Chicago)

Best Use of Paint or Finish

Robin & Sam's Bedroom Reboot (New York City)
WVSmith's Gender Neutral Shared Nursery (Buffalo, NY)

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