Japanese Weekend Cabin in Karuizawa

Japanese Weekend Cabin in Karuizawa

Andie Powers
Jun 20, 2013

To me, Japan seems like a magical, mystical place where all of my design dreams have come true. I'm sure I'm overestimating it, but everything I see in design blogs or magazines makes want to save my pennies and travel to Japan for a week or two of flawless design.

Designed by Koji Tsutsui, this "weekend cabin" from the Adventure Journal is a cluster of five cottages, attached to create a larger architectural wonder. The buildings are settled deep in the heart of Karuizawa, Nagano, about ninety-five miles northwest of Toyko — but this site is anything but urban.

Click over to the Adventure Journal's Weekend Cabin series to get a glimpse of this charming Japanese space.

(Images: Iwan Baan via The Adventure Journal)

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