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Nyc, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I work for the brokerage firm who had the listing. I tried renting it and for 2 months people called it “a dump, a crack house, a shoe box" , etc. The apt was messy and small, but it had charm and potential: townhouse, 12 foot ceilings, big windows, marble mantle piece, a working fireplace, large kitchen (for a studio) with a few modern upgrades, and a recently redone bathroom that was somewhat clean and modern. At 250 square feet, with 1 closet, it needed loving, cleaning, paint, new fixtures and a lot of DIY magic. In between showings I got a fortune cookie: "Your home is of the utmost importance to you and your family interests come first." I knew what to do...at 31 and always with roommates, I was ready for a challenge and my first adult apartment where i could display my photographs, entertain, create, and break free from NY Peter Pan Roommate Apartment Syndrome.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
I’ve had to maximize every inch of space to make it feel open and inviting...it’s “The Land Of The Hidden” and I love it! I furnished with space saving pieces all serving multiple purposes. The platform bed has drawers containing my clothes, a file cabinet is also a nightstand and bar cart, the dresser at an angle hides 4 chairs, Christmas ornaments, and a vacuum, 2 mirrors give the illusion of space, and when not in use the fireplace becomes a library. Left over paint remade radiators and old mirrors. The WC is so small it’s tight for 1 person. I painted the dark wood white and canary yellow, making it more cheerful; the bathtub holds one of 3 bicycles.
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