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Chicago, IL
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
It wasn't love at first sight. I initially walked away, not realizing what great potential the space had until looking at photographs I had taken during the viewing...yes, I am one of those people. After a second viewing I realized the tiny little space had great character, a good floor plan and an extremely large bedroom for Chicago apartment standards. The small details also really stuck out. The hardwood flooring, glass door knobs, moldings, fireplace and huge windows really made the place feel more like a home. After five years, endless gallons of paint and a marathon of rearranging it's now love and is always a work in progress.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
The biggest trick for me is to float smaller pieces of furniture. Having pieces away from walls creates fluid traffic patterns, giving the feel of a much larger space. I also like to play with hard contrasts in color and texture, creating visual interest to keep the eye moving. Creative storage is a must. Friends joke that I am OCD and they may be correct. Everything must be in it's place so it's aesthetically pleasing but also has to function well. I love to see everything I collect so I never keep anything I don't really need...just don't look under the bed.