Wish Your Before was Already an After? You May Need Sweeten

July Maker Talk

Jean Lauer of Sweeten joined us as a Pitch Presenter at our July Maker Talk. Sweeten is a New York-area resource that connects homeowners with designers, builders, and contractors. We have already seen what they can do to your roof deck, bathroom, studio, and farmhouse. Now go behind the scenes with Jean and see how Sweeten got started and how it can work for you. Watch the video and click through for more Sweeten before and after photos......
Pitch Presenters: Jean Lauer
Company: Sweeten
Hometown: NYC

About: "At Sweeten, we’re renovation match makers here to help you create a space that you’ll love. We believe that every human being has the right to a safe and well maintained home. Ideally that home would also be custom to you and reflect who are and what you prioritize. Sweeten works just like a dating site, finding the best matched firms for your project.

Jean Lauer has over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial architecture planning, design, project management and systems, which she brings to Sweeten to help your renovation run smoothly from beginning to end, no matter the size."

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(Image credits: Ashley Anderson; Henry Chen; Sweeten; Cusumano)