Jean-Francois' L-Shaped Highrise Apartment

House Call

Name: Jean-Francois
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I moved in January into a traditional L-Shape apartment that are very common in Toronto, Canada. Part of the L-Shape layout consists of an "alcove" for a dining space, which then limits the size of the living room and living room furniture arrangement.

By only changing the light fixture (a chandelier for a dining table), I turned the "dining alcove/space" into an addition to the rest of the living room, which then made my living room much larger and gave me more space.

I have traveled all around the world and really wanted a wall where I could showcase some of the souvenirs & photographs I have taken on my trips.

These L-Shape layout highrises are EVERYWHERE in Toronto and most were built in the 60s and 70s and all look alike. I feel I was able to turn a sterile space into something that has character.

My inspiration has definitely been the places I have visited and wanted room to put some of the items and artwork I have purchased while traveling.

Thanks, Jean-Francois!

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