Jed Crystal of Hepper

AT Offline 09.04.08, New York

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Believe it or not, Jed also flew in from Vermont for our meetup last week. Hepper, Jed's new company he named after a cat who is named after Audrey Hepburn is a rising star amongst sources of high-design for pets...

>> Enter Gallery of Jed's Slides

Jed explained to the crowd of pet lovers and designers that his aim in designing his line of pet furniture is to solve basic problems in the most elegant and simple method possible. So, for example, the wave bed above takes its lead from the hammock. The stretched fabric provides a comfortable bounce for a pet without any superfluous material and engineering.

Jed decided to start his own company and market it online from the comfort of his Burlington locale. So far, he's happy he did! We love the sleek style and pragmatism of his pieces and the great photos on his website!