Jeff Andrews was recently named one of the new traditionalists by TRADhome. When I think of traditional design, I think of an interior that is formal and mature. The new traditional design is not what I would expect and is drawing interest from younger clients. Since Jeff was named the New Traditionalist, I asked him to define this new style and share what he loves most about the aesthetic.

I included a few pictures from Jeff's portfolio to serve as an example of the New Traditional design.

Apartment Therapy: Have you always considered yourself a traditional designer?

Jeff Andrews: Not really. I would say my work comes from a traditional base, but I don’t like to play by traditional rules. I love all periods and styles of design and never like to be tied to one label.

Apartment Therapy: Are there any particular colors that define the new traditional style?

Jeff Andrews: Color is such an important element of design, but I can’t say I follow color trends. Personally I am using a lot of pastels and grays lately. I don’t know if that defines new traditional, but I love it!

Apartment Therapy: What are the major defining elements of the style?

Jeff Andrews: Originality, confidence, risk, commitment, and comfort

Apartment Therapy: What types of clients are drawn to this particular type of design?

Jeff Andrews: Everyone! People want to live in an environment that is beautifully composed, while remaining livable and attainable.

Apartment Therapy: What do you love most about the new traditional style?

Jeff Andrews: New Tradition is about how perfect imperfection can be! It is not about pedigree or labels, but about interesting choices that are personal and fresh. I think everyone has New Traditional in them.

Apartment Therapy: What are your favorite sources for new traditional furniture and accessories?

Jeff Andrews: Vintage, vintage, vintage. 1st Dibs is amazing as well as local antique malls and shops. As far as new items go, I think Restoration Hardware and Ralph Lauren are doing a great job of creating accessible, well designed pieces for almost any interior.

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Images: Tim Street Porter