Jeffrey Miller's Minimalist Apartment

Jeffrey Miller's Minimalist Apartment

Annie Werbler
Sep 13, 2011

Jeffrey Miller has filled his duplex apartment in an interesting way — with only the most basic furniture pieces, but lots of sentimental collections that serve as decorative objects.

A simple color palette of charcoal, white, and wood tones makes the collections the focus of the space. You may not be surprised to learn that before purchasing the Donald Judd dining table, Miller would invite people over to picnic on his dining room floor, the same level at which he rests his slender mattress.

We admire Miller's nonconformist attitude when it comes to decorating, and it encourages us to think differently about our needs. Do you think you could live without what many of us consider the basics?

Check out the full article: New York Magazine

Images: Wendy Goodman for New York Magazine

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