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Banja Luka Republic of Srpska, BiH
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Since it's western oriented, sunny afternoons are really beautiful in my home, giving it a nice warm feel. The view from the little balcony and the window extends over the city, reaching to the surrounding hills. Instead of smallness, I feel the openness of the outer world! I also love the clear division of functions, even though there is only one interior door. All the main surfaces and big furniture are of neutral colors, so I can play with colorful details and change the overall feel. There are so many nooks to arrange and rearrange, and different ambiance that cannot be grasped all at once, which I think makes the space more interesting and complex. There is a lot of room for my favorite inspiration or travel knick-knacks, yet the space does not feel cramped. All in all, my favorite thing about my home is, that despite the constraints set by its size, it has a lot of potential for playfulness and change.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
I wanted a real bed, which consumed much space and determined positions of all other furniture. After a lot of analysis, I had the "L" shaped wall built, creating the bed nook and the library, which was the decisive intervention for the creation of the ambiance. Being on a tight budget, I combined custom made and inexpensive IKEA furniture. To avoid a messy feel, I try to be organized and live by the rule that less is more. I often use a ladder, as the kitchen cabinets had to go up high. Since the kitchen is custom made, the countertop surface is higher than standard, and a decent fridge fits beneath. I work from home a lot, so having a home office was one of the priorities. I also like receiving guests, so the desk doubles as a dining table. It can be easily taken out from the office nook and positioned in the center of the room. Otherwise I use the pull-out table. The sofa converts into a comfy bed, and the folding chairs also come in very handy when guests are over.
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