Jen & Mark's Artfully Eclectic Rowhome

Jen & Mark's Artfully Eclectic Rowhome

Bethany Seawright
Feb 21, 2012

Name: Jen & Mark Adams
Location: East Passyunk/ South Philly — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Size: 1500 square feet
Years lived in: 5 — owned

Sometimes it can be difficult for a husband and wife to combine styles when decorating a new place. Imagine if, on top of that, your home's previous owner had left traces of his own larger-than-life style. What would you do? Would you tear it all out and start over?

Enter House Tour

Not if you're Jen and Mark Adams, you wouldn't. Creative and eclectic themselves, Jen (a marketing director for Urban Outfitters) and Mark (a graphic designer with Maskar Designs) decided to embrace some of the more outrageous design elements of their new home and incorporate them into their own unique style.

Collectors of things as well as of styles, Jen and Mark have filled their home with expressive objects that speak to their various interests and travels. Whether it's salt and pepper shakers, Phillies memorabilia, amusement park photos from the 70's and 80's, or group shots of people they don't even know, these quirky collections add charm and warmth to their inviting abode.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: Victorian Psych/ Flea Market Noveau
Our home is a livable collage of travel & flea market finds as well as family hand-me-downs and heirlooms. We enjoy being in our home and are fondly reminded of favorite trips, family or some moment from our 16 year history when we look around us.

We should also say that the previous owner had the house tricked out in a major way! Liberace would be the first word that comes to mind. But, we loved certain elements and kept them and then worked to make the whole space ours. His spirit is definitely mixed in, too.

Inspiration: Folktales, Ken Kesey, Marie Antoinette, James Booker, Martha Stewart, the Black Forest, Carnivals/Amusement Parks, American Visionary Art Museum, Spain, Paris, Pennsylvania.

Favorite Element: We can't agree, so....
Jen's: The living room/dining room. We love to entertain and purposely kept this room TV free. It has become the room where friends come over to have dinner, listen to music, share drinks and hang out for hours. I love it.
Mark's: The Basement - otherwise known as the Groove Chamber, a sonic sub-terrain sanctuary. Good music, Phillies games, laundry and screen printing Hog Island Press t-shirts all go down in the GC.

Biggest Challenge: Lack of closet space

What Friends Say: This house is so Jen and Mark.

Biggest Embarrassment: The 69 symbolism on our patio mosaic. It was here when we arrived, swear. Otherwise, we love the mosaic which was done by a friend of the previous owner. We almost feel like we're on vacation in Spain when we're hanging out on the patio.

Proudest DIY: We embrace color! Every room is a different color and we are really happy with our color choices as well as Mark and his dad's paint job. Mark's dad also helped him build a screen printing burner out of a bathroom vanity - we're pretty proud of that, too. He's MacGyver and has taught us so many home improvement tricks.

Biggest Indulgence: Restoration Hardware Bed

Best Advice: Don't be afraid to mix up themes and styles. Trust your instincts and make it your own.

Dream Sources:
ABC Carpet and Home
John Derian



    • Benjamin Moore
    • Behr
    • Martha Stewart


    • Antique Spanish Dining Table: Craig's list for $250!
    • Art Deco Buffet & Mirror: Nu-Retro Designs at the Golden Nugget Market, Lambertville, NJ
    • Art Nouveau Iris Bust: Vermont flea market find
    • Couches: Anthropologie Auction (work perk!)
    • Shredded Wheat Crate: Memory Lane Antiques, Hagerstown, MD
    • Blue Chair: Antique from parents.
    • Portrait Painting (Wedding Gift): Kris Chau



    • Bed: Restoration Hardware
    • Cat Lamp: Made by friend James
    • Dressers: Antiques from Grandma
    • Antique Portraits - Hand-me-down from an old neighbor who was moving back to Liverpool.



    • Hand painted Cheetah Spots: Previous Owner
    • Mirror: Urban Outfitters
    • Art: Golden Nugget, Anthropologie



    • Table: Ikea
    • Mosaic: Friend of Previous Owner

Thanks, Jen & Mark!

Images: Bethany Seawright

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