I have a confession: when I was a little boy growing up in the San Joaquin Valley of California, I loved watching Martha Stewart's television show whenever I skipped school. She was a goddess in my eyes, and she could do no wrong. My fascination with her still continues to this day. Which is why, in the rare occasions that I find myself in front of the television during the daytime, I seek her show for tips, and inspiration.

Today I managed to tune in, and not surprisingly, I was not let down. Today's show was all about the artist who will be displaying their crafts during the Maker Faire. The one artist that I instantly became obsessed with is Jenine Bressner who brought with her some of her glass jewelry. Her pieces are colorful, playful, and joyful. And although most of the artwork that she displays on her website, her blog, and her Etsy shop are mostly jewelry pieces, what really caught my attention is that she is working on turning the same jewelry pieces into large chandeliers. Can you imagine how amazing the multicolored necklace would look like hanging over your dinner table? It frankly makes me giddy with anticipation. Let's keep an eye on Jenine-- I'm sure we will be seeing lots of her stuff in the near future.