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Richardson , TX
Inspiration for my palette:
The unchangeable trim, granite and floor colors are so warm; we really wanted a cool color contrast for our dining area. I think the hint of warmth in this blue was a nice compliment to all the golden tones of the apartment and our added furniture/accessories. We chose to wrap the color through the arched doorway and into the entryway so we're always greeted by this great shot of color. When we move out, we'll have to pay a fee to have each painted wall covered over, so we wanted to be bold with the small amount of painting we were willing to do.
Colors used in my room:
We painted the blue wall with Behr "Bayside" 510F-5. All other wall, trim, and ceiling paint are standard to our apartment community. The yellow accents are my favorite, though there is a bit of red scattered around the apartment, too. With all that color the space was begging for something neutral, so the grey upholstered dining chairs were the perfect fit.
Tips for using color successfully:
Each time you get ready to paint, press yourself to take tiny steps towards a boldER choice! As a former military family, we've settled into three different homes in the last few years. With each fresh start, I found myself more willing to try more saturated hues and have always ended up loving the choices.
Cool Contrast
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