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New York, NY
Inspiration for my palette:
It all started with the floral pillow shams on my bed that are predominantly pink and purple. From there I went throw pillow crazy, buying all different shapes and styles to pick up the pink, purple - and even lime green - hues in the shams. Millions of miles away in Africa, I gathered a bunch of woven baskets that now serve as a focal point above the couch. The white blankets, hammered silver coffee table, and splashes of wood furniture and accent pieces tie it all together.
Colors used in my room:
Pink, purple, lime green, black, and white
Tips for using color successfully:
Don't be afraid to use A LOT of color - and BRIGHT color at that. I was hesitant to put the baskets on the wall because I didn't want the apartment to feel too loud or pink, but my friend convinced me to try it out and it really does pull it all together.
Pink & Lime