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Olympia, WA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love the strong connection my house has to the natural world and the seasons. The interior surfaces of fir, pine, and cedar create a sanctuary of calm that smells divine. In every direction there are windows facing out to the trees and sky. Sunlight plays upon the interior with an ever-changing show of warm glows and shadow. As I lay in bed I see the birds swooping past the skylights in the morning hours and the stars twinkling at night. I can hear the rain, the wind, the twittering birds and the hooting owls, the coyote on the ridge, and the frogs in the swamp, all from the comfort of my dry, cozy vantage point.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
1. Become a junior anthropologist and dig deep into how you really live and what makes you truly happy. Then design to those parameters. Sometimes how we live and what makes us truly happy are at odds with one another. That's when the exploration gets really interesting and the solutions quite surprising.
2. Downsize, downsize, downsize! And then downsize some more. You don't need that stuff anyway. Focus on keeping useful items that you actively use every day and minimizing mementos that actually just clutter space, collect dust, and stagnate the energy in your home
3. Design custom built-ins that fit in your space and have room for all your possessions. Make an effort to keep as much as possible behind closed doors and out of sight to limit visual clutter (especially at eye level and above) which will make the dwelling feel more spacious. If the built-ins do double duty as something else, even better (storage box/bench, closet/wall divider).