Jeremiah Goodman's Inspiring Art

Jeremiah Goodman's Inspiring Art

Rebecca Orlov
Aug 22, 2008

Flipping through an old Domino magazine, we came across the paintings of Jeremiah Goodman with the modern day furniture and décor finds that Domino mixed with it. We love the rich colors and abstract strokes mixed with classic lines that Jeremiah's work showcases.

Digging a little further, we learned that..."Goodman's expressive watercolors not only act an archive of interior design for the second half of the 20th century, but also provide a glimpse into the artist's unique ability to infuse a depiction of domestic space with a sense of drama and emotion second only to being there." (as described in Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision). This statement truly sums up Jeremiah's contribution to art. Enjoy more of Jeremiah's unique artwork below, including his own thoughts on his subjects.

Room #1 for Mario Buatta: "I must have visited this room 1,000 times before painting it," Jeremiah says of his 1980 rendering of a New York bedroom designed by Mario Buatta. "It was done from mental notes."

Room #2 for Ronald and Nancy Reagan: "I did this portrait of the Reagans' Bel-Air sitting room on the spot in 1992. The room was filled with gifts—everything from Chinese art to engraved ashtrays from ambassadors."

Room #3 for Greta Garbo: "Each person I came in contact with in doing these portraits was just fabulous—not one disappointed." Jeremiah painted Greta Garbo's New York residence in 1990 from earlier sketches.

Room #4 for Billy Baldwin: A Billy Baldwin-designed bedroom in New York, painted on-site in 1976. "The moment people find out I paint interiors, they become intrigued and invite me to do their houses."

More art inspiration below:

[Title image via Domino]

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