Theme Room: Maps

Theme Room: Maps

Heather Blaha
May 22, 2007

(Welcome to Jessica, one of the finalists for a contributor position here at AT:Chicago. This is her third her first one here and her second here. Comment away!)

Map wallpaper, maps & adhesive, (practically) FREE!
From The Denver Post article/slideshow "Welcome to My World"

Decorating around a theme can be tricky. Wouldn't it be easier if there was a map? Here are some suggestions:

Map Stickers, at Hello Traveler, $13

Mosaic atlas tiles, at Etsy, $18 for 80 pieces

Bergino baseball - Chicago, at SportsGifts, $20

Map storage boxes, at The Land of Nod, $34

Iron world map sculpture, at Overstock, $80

Silverstone globe, at Bloomsbury, $99

Dry erase wall mural, at SkyMall, $150

UK mirror, at Leigh Harmer, $385

License Plate USA, at Sundance, $3895


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