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Seattle, WA
Inspiration for my palette:
We love bold colors, so we wanted our library to really pop. By playing off the natural wood that was already in the space in the floors, windows and built ins, we were able to create a rich and vibrant look. That gave us a perfect base to bring in a variety of color from our books, toys, and other furniture.
Colors used in my room:
My husband and I used a custom wall color that we created based on a boat in Seattle called the North Sea. We knew that color would really bring out the gold tones in the wood in the room and complement each other well.
Tips for using color successfully:
You should test your color swatch on every wall in the room with the lights on and off. This way you can really get a feel for how the room will look once its painted and how it will play off of everything else you have in the room.
North Sea