Jielde Knock-off's at PBTeen

Jielde Knock-off's at PBTeen

Regina Yunghans
Jun 12, 2007

Did you like the Jielde industrial lamps as seen in these two recent AT posts, but find them too expensive? If you're willing to sacrifice the impeccable quality of the original, PBTeen is producing knock-off's, priced at only $69.

Don't be put off by the pink-and-purple colors shown in the photo up top. There are grown-up colors available, too, like chrome, white, orange, and navy.

They're somewhat true to the original's form but, as AT reader EgonBlue points out, the big question is whether PBTeen bothered to keep the wireless/modular connectivity of the original Jielde arms which allowed them to be spun, twisted and recombined endlessly without twisting any internal wires or doing any electrical work at all. That was, after all, the whole point of J.L.D.'s design, so that machinists could use them day in and day out without hassle.

(thanks for the tip, EgonBlue!)

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