Jill's Cool & Cozy California Cottage

House Call

Name: Jill Smith
Location: Silverlake, California

I bought my Silverlake, California cottage almost two years ago. At a little over 800 square feet it was perfect for me, my dog and my cat. Cut to a few months after moving in when I acquired one large boyfriend and his small dog...and shortly thereafter another cat and another dog.

I can't resist a stray and our motto is the more the merrier! Said boyfriend is VERY handy and we redid the whole place, bringing it from what one neighbor described as a frat house gone wrong to the adorable home pictured here.

My style has always been eclectic with many of my best finds coming from Craigslist, Etsy, movie prop auctions, or the side of the road! One of our favorite new pieces is the gold leaf paper mache rhinoceros head mounted on the living room wall.

I also love the murphy bed that my boyfriend built in our poolhouse. With all of the additions to our family, we've just sold the house and will be leaving soon for another fixer in the Hollywood Hills, but a little piece of my heart will always be in Silverlake...

See more photos of this great place here.

Thanks, Jill !

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(Image credits: Charmaine David)