Jiinkinkids: Adoption Art

Jiinkinkids: Adoption Art

Jun 11, 2007

Everything is different for international adoptive parents. From baby books that assume a new addition to the family was born into it to the awkwardness of trying to explain why your child's birthdate is only an approximation, there are a million tiny hurdles to negotiate. So it is a huge relief to find nursery items designed with adoptive parents in mind.

Stephanie Wise, who is herself in the process of adopting from China, has created a line of giclee prints with adoption themes, and they are both gorgeous and timely. Above, a section of the alphabet, reinterpreted using China's provinces. Below, a few more of our favorites from Stephanie's online store, Jiinkinkids.

While our journey is closer to seven thousand miles, the sentiment remains the same. Red Mary Janes is 8"x8" and $26.00.

When You Wish is 10"x10", and $46.00. Stephanie says she created this while dreaming of her daughter, and given the volatile nature of international adoption, there is a lot of room for wishing.

The pictures here don't really do this work justice, and there is a lot more to see on the Jiinkinkids site. It is just such a relief to find someone designing such fabulous art for an adopted child's nursery.

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