(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Today most of America will enjoy upwards of 15 hours of daylight. No doubt your house plants are thriving, and your home is sparkly in the afternoon sun. But how's the old mind and body? Are you fully reveling in the season? Have you run barefoot on the grass, and doubled down on fresh greens at the Farmers Market? OR, are you sitting at home in the AC drinking Diet Coke on the rocks? Ahem.
Social Workout and Bliss.com invite you to join the Summer of Bliss, a four week, mind-body challenge led by some of the top fitness and wellness bloggers in the country. Your mission: Achieve five feats of healthy living, and track your progress online. The upside? Deep feelings of wellness, as well as a shot at cool prizes from Bestowed.com. Think of it as a late spring cleaning for the soul. We're standing by to cheer wildly for you.