Jonas Damon's Super Simple iPhone Alarm Dock/Clock

There are countless iPhone docks out there that come with a charging station and speakers and plenty of other bells and whistles built in. This design by Jonas Damon for Areaware offers none of that — but I love it. Made from sustainably harvested beech wood, the clock dock is a brilliant resting place for your iPhone or iPod touch. All you need is the flip-clock app (and an iPhone, natch) to turn it into an old-school flip clock.

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You can pull your connector through so the phone doesn't drain its batteries overnight, which makes it practical, though perhaps not as practical as a high-tech iPhone dock with a charging station built in. What do you think? Clever, right? I'm tempted to buy two! (Not so sure about the $40 price tag, though!)

MORE INFO: Velocity Art & Design

Image: Velocity Art & Design