Jonathan Adler at Bed Bath and Beyond

Jonathan Adler at Bed Bath and Beyond

Mar 22, 2006

While looking for a proper shower mirror at Bed Bath and Beyond,(We had rigged up a hand-mirror in our shower to shave with, but it fell and gave us 7 years of bad luck starting with a cut foot) we noticed all of the Jonathan Adler tableware and linens and had to stop to check everything out.

Now, Mr. Adler is nothing if not joyous. His colors and styles are always uplifting in a late 60's, early 70's sort of way. Simple graphics and bold prints rule in Adler's world. This Madrid Duvet is $139. The Poppy sheet set is $129. Both are perfect examples of Adler's stuff.

For us, his pieces read a little young, and we don't know if we could live with what feels like ironic patterns on our dishes and bed-sheets. But in a world full of so much sadness, it seems that the job of decor is to uplift and brighten, and Jonathan Adler's things do just that.

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