Jo's "Highlighter Chic" Room

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Atlanta, GA
Inspiration for my palette:
I was designing this super small (9x11) space as my office and wanted something that would ignite creativity each day. Whether it's 8am or 5pm, the room stays bright and keeps me energized for a day of work (and play)!
Colors used in my room
Chartreuse, Royal Blue, Apple Green, and pops of warm tones.
Tips for using color successfully
This room was super small, and was built in an attic, so rather than paint the ceiling white, I painted it just a couple shades lighter than the walls, and it tricks me into feeling like the room is more spacious. I also painted the insides of the built-in book cubbies a shade of royal blue to coordinate with the curtains. It's the little details that help pull the space together.
Highlighter Chic

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