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Turku Finland
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
It is a perfect place to think and create great things! That was my dream: to have a place to live where I can also do my actual job: write books. The home is creative. My designer had the courage to use bright and inspiring colors, with good taste. There are playful elements everywhere. It excites the brain!
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Before the renovation the apartment was a labyrinth, full of walls. The first thing to do was tearing down the walls and creating an open space where thoughts can flow. Now the kitchen is part of the living room, as well as the library with a comfortable Le Corbusier chair. The space is not divided by walls, but subtle clues like the wooden partition. (Photos: by Mikko Ala-Peijari, Kauniit kodit)