Julia's Sunny Space in New Zealand

Julia's Sunny Space in New Zealand

Nora Taylor
Nov 5, 2015

Name: Julia Atkinson
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

My name is Julia and I'm the founder and editor of popular New Zealand/Australian daily design site; Studio Home.

Photographer Bonnie Stewart-Macdonald popped by a few months ago and caught some shots of me and my compact, modern 2 bedroom apartment in central Auckland, New Zealand.

I've been based (living AND working) from the great sunny space for the last three years - and despite its small size I LOVE IT!

As you will see from the imagery, it is very much a simple white, blank canvas which makes for a fresh background for all my "stuff" which tends to be quite tactile, natural and quite often secondhand! I'm a bit of a collector and definitely have a weakness for art - my collection is constantly growing and mostly made up of the work of the down under artists that I feature on my site.

Thanks, Julia!

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