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The Day 2 assignment was a blast and a half. Inspiration is, indeed, everywhere! In looking through my photos, I was surprised to see that what I'm drawn to out in the world is quite different from what I *thought* I liked for our room makeover when browsing the internet. Tactile vs. visual...head vs. heart? Probably a bit of both, but I do know that I have lots of new plans for the dining room.  

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My window shopping buddy (aka my 2-yr. old daughter Ellis, who totally photobombed my inspiration shots) and I had a great time browsing Chicago and snapping pics of anything that caught our fancy, from vintage soda crates and gorgeous textiles to steely gray buildings juxtaposed against the soft blue summer sky. Before doing this, I thought we were heading in a crisp-striped-neutral direction, but after my inspiration gathering, I'm really leaning into my old love of vintage but with an industrial-natural edge to it. And my shopping buddy is heading up our collection of shiny things. Turns out we both really like shiny things.  

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I also found that certain items that I absolutely love are just way out of my price range. The very cool acrylic chair and over-sized clocks and mirrors that I loved were all too pricey for our budget. So those are items that I'm going to try and find via Craigslist and vintage/thrift shops. I also feel inspired to DIY. Yes, if I can just get my hands on a giant, cheap second-hand mirror, I would love to work some magic on it. Ok, that sounds weird. 

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*Inspiration on this hunt found at Jayson Home, Brimfield, Room Service, Haymaker, and Chicago streets.

What did your treasure hunt reveal?

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     (Images: Julia Brenner & Chad Curry)

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