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Julie & Eric
Brooklyn, NY
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
Just about everything. We love that we have a working fireplace, which made this winter much more cheerful than usual. We also love the huge windows and skylight. The apartment gets amazing light (especially in the morning), and we rigged up an indoor garden by building shelves in the kitchen window. However, our favorite thing about the apartment is probably the high ceilings. We made the most of the vertical space by building a sleeping loft and all sorts of shelves.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Our biggest challenge was figuring out how to make use of the sleeping alcove. When we measured the apartment before moving in, we realized that there was no way to fit a queen-sized mattress into the area while still being able to open the closet door. We also wanted to find a way to maximize storage: In addition to the normal (tiny) closet, there was a large lofted closet with sliding doors...but it was 7 feet above the floor. So, Eric designed our lofted bed, with stairs that double as bookcases. The 7-foot-high closet is now accessible since it's level with the bed, and we made a bedside/nightstand area by leaving the closet slightly open and fitting a cardboard box into the opening. The whole area underneath the bed serves as a giant walk-in closet: We mounted two clothes racks and a shoe shelf on the back wall, and we each have a dresser.
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