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Washington, DC
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
I love my spacious kitchen, large windows with views of the National Zoo, and brightly colored walls. I stuck to a theme of black and white for almost all of my furniture and bedding so that I could get away with canary yellow in my kitchen and eggshell blue in my living room. I also like the mix of antique, handmade and more traditional pieces. I found several of my favorite furnishings from antique stores in Annapolis before I moved to DC - a gumball machine, pharmacy cabinet, glass medicine bottles, shabby-chic console, and bedside table. Because this is my first apartment, I saved money by making several of my decorations - a patterned lamp shade, cork bulletin board, and kitchen table, which I purchased for $25 from Craiglist, painted with a black lacquer, and topped with a piece of glass. This way, I was able to splurge on my bed, which I purchased from West Elm.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space
I enjoy being a hostess and having friends over to my apartment. My biggest challenge when I moved into my 500 square foot studio was deciding whether I wanted a large bed or a space where I could entertain because I realized I was not able to discretely hide a bed of any size in my trapezoid shaped living room. I opted for a twin day bed that also functions as a couch. It makes me so happy when people come over for the first time and assume that I live in a one bedroom apartment and have no idea that they are actually sitting on my bed! Because I placed my bed on a diagonal, I have room for storage behind and underneath it. When I have friends over, I store all of my bedding in my damask patterned ottoman, which sits in front of my bed, leaving plenty of open room to entertain.

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