June: Gardening Month

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How is your garden doing? The parkway plantings at our condo are looking pretty good this year. Our perennials came back and are blooming and even the nasturtiums we started from seeds (that we threw in our cart at Whole Foods - a gardening impulse buy) are coming along.

We're curious! How many of you are gardening this summer?

There is one week left to enter our "Greenest Thumb" contest (and we've only seen one entry so far), so if you are considering sharing your green space with the AT Chicago community it's time to pick a sunny morning, take some pictures and send them on in.

We appreciate the reader tips we've been getting, so if you've seen something cool out there in Chicago (or on the web) let us know. Email the editors at chicago(at)apartmenttherapy(dot)com. Have a good week and enjoy your garden!

Photo: Thanks! to Gayla Trail from YouGrowGirl

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