Before & After: From a Messy Storage Space to Lovely Lofted Family Room

Decorating Project

Makeover by: June
Location: United Kingdom

We live in a small Victorian cottage in the UK, and space is at a premium. I decided to turn our messy dumping-ground of a loft into a fun and functional office/work-space/playroom, somewhere we could all retreat to to do our thing: whether that be my blogging and creative projects or our daughter's homework or creative play!

Luckily the loft had already been converted by the previous owners, and all it needed was a lick of paint and some new flooring to make it inhabitable and a GOOD tidying up!!

It took us 2 days to clear and organize all the mess, another couple of days to treat and paint the damp damaged walls and 2 days to lay the cork flooring before I could begin to build the desk and add all the finishing touches!

On a tight budget, I had to get creative with some of the design of the space. The long double desk is simply made from a large sheet of laminate wood from the local hardware store combined what I already had in terms of storage and a DIY mesh display board.

I chose to lay down cheap cork flooring tiles, as I wanted a floor that I wouldn't feel too precious about. This room would have to work as a studio for my creative projects, as well as my daughter's play area. I chose to stick to white painted walls, but added fun pops of pink and mint color throughout in the form of rugs and homemade floor cushions etc. There are a lot of DIYs here, making it a very personal and unique space and helping me to achieve the renovation and final look for less than £200.

It is probably the best improvement I have done to our home, as it has given us an extra space where we can get creative and NOT have to worry about tidying everything away at the end of the day, and we now spend a lot of our time there together: Me working on some project or blogging and my daughter doing her homework or getting creative with drawing or painting...

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Thanks, June!

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(Image credits: Submitted by June)