Just A Single Shot of Yellow

One Simple Idea

Color is a very effective design tool and bright yellow is one of the most powerful colors you can add to a room or exterior. It may be the emotional response that it seems to elicit - one of upbeat happiness, usually, something sunny and warm - or perhaps it is just the intensity...

...of the hue, but one thing is certain - even a single shot of it makes an impact and adding just a touch can wake up the whole room (or facade).

Take a look at these examples that prove the power of yellow and then look around your own room - could it use just a little squeeze of lemon?

Shown above, left to right:

1. Yellow Door in a white room by Photographer Pia Ulin

2. Yellow Drapes at the Mitchelberger Hotel via Contemporist

3. Yellow Jewelry Box in a room designed by Amanda Nisbet

4. Yellow Front Door in North Carolina via Country Living

5. Yellow Tufted Headboard from Neiman Marcus via todays Headboard Roundup on Apartment Therapy:New York

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