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Before I even get out from under my warm covers, I reach for my tablet (it's usually acts as a giant alarm clock) and check the weather. Finding out how cold it's going to be outside helps me to prepare for my day, vital information when the weather dips from brisk to downright freezing. Here are some of weather forecast apps for iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablets.

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Dark Sky: When I look at the weather, often what I want to know is will it rain or snow when I'm on my way to my destination. Dark Sky provides those quick peeks into the current conditions as well as what will be happening over the next hour. $3.99

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Peepometer: Not going to lie, I started using the Swackett apps when I needed to transition from Celsius to Fahrenheit and learn what the numbers meant in relation to how to dress. I still use this app and find it a fun way to answer the "just how many layers should I wear today?" question. $1.99

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Weather 2X: Ultra simple and clean way to see the forecast. No funny cartoons, radar visualisations, or ads, just the weather presented simply and beautifully. $.99

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Weather Neue: As you've heard me mention before, it really is slim pickings out there in Android tablet land, so this app, like Optimistic Weather is really an enlarged phone app. I hold out hope that they will build a version optimised for tablets, but in the interim, the phone app will have to do. Great minimalist weather app, although the widgets are nothing compared to the next app listed, Eye in Sky. Also available for the iPhone. Free

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Eye in Sky Weather: This app is the one I use every single day on my Nexus 7. I love the widgets and find them a beautiful complement to stock 4.2. The widgets give me the info I'm looking for presented in a way that doesn't make me cringe unlike some of the other busy weather widgets. If I could get these widgets (and actually the entire notification centre of stock 4.2) on my iPhone or iPad, I would be filled with joy... they are that good. Free, $1.91
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Optimistic Weather: Cute, fun way of looking at the weather. As the name implies after giving you the forecast it usually follows with the hope of better weather tomorrow. Also available for iOS. Free

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Windows 8
Blue Sky: Unfortunately due to an issue with the Microsoft Store I was not able to try any of the weather apps for Windows 8, so I'm working off of screenshots and descriptions alone. Based on the info I've been able to find on this app, Blue Sky looks great in both full panel view and snap view and is clean and minimalist. $9.99

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Weather Kitty: Want to start your day with a smile and you like cats? Then perhaps Weather Kitty is for you. Nice typography layered over cute pictures of cats. Free

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Frost Weather: What intrigues me about this app is the view of the forecast at the bottom which breaks it down for different times allowing you to quickly see what the weather will be like when you head to work, leave work, and head out to dinner. Free

What are your favourite tablet weather apps?

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